Restaurant Review #1

So full disclosure I really love my mums cooking nothing compares to it but sometimes she’s tired and other times she reminds I’m grown man who should be making his own food and those times I’m forced to eat out.

 Chop Chop Brazillian steakhouse and grill. 
Recently opened, it has less than a month in existence. Located at the corner of 5th and Herbert Chitepo just a stroll from the CBD. 

As far as first impressions are concerned, Chop Chop ticks all the right boxes. The outlook is enticing and the interior is warm and welcoming. Your expectations are raised as soon as you walk in and get swallowed by the ambiance. I managed to get in with my wheelchair (even though I was being pushed by an intoxicated individual) without any problems so they get extra points for that. Their set up inside is one I see to be destined for success. There’s a little corner with coffee and confectionery, a bar (with proper stools those are always necessary) and siting section for those eating in. It’s a pizzeria, coffee house, restaurant and bar all in one. They had these beautiful plants at the centre of every table and I genuinely wanted to steal one. 

The service was top shelf, I applaud it. My head is full of dreadlocks but they still called me Sir. Never felt so respected in my life… But on a serious note the service was class, a waiter was also close and helpful but not overbearing. We all know it sometimes gets annoying when they keep coming to the table and disturbing the conversation.

I was slightly saddened though after getting the menus. They were so cheap. Photocopied on bond paper they gave me that feeling that this was just a dressed up fast food joint. I mean if I’m going to part with my hard earned money… Wait let me rephrase that because I don’t exactly work (You know Zimbabwe’s economy is tough) I mean if I’m going to convince people to part with their hard earned money on my behalf I need incentives, I need to be impressed.

I know you’re probably fascinated by the cocktail names but never mind that. Right off the bat from their menu I noticed they didn’t serve pork which is such a shame because I believe enough bacon could bring about world peace. Well so could chicken and beef in the right hands. Don’t get me wrong they had other options for protein other than beef and pork but we’re Zimbabwean’s we eat beef, pork and chicken then try to use goats to pay our bills.

For a drink I ordered a double jägermeister and sprite. I know you’re saying to yourself anyone serious about enjoying their food wouldn’t be drinking that but don’t worry my taste buds are toughened and therefore can’t be intoxicated. This was quickly followed by shooters of liquid cocaine (the blue liquid) mild but thoroughly enjoyable. Every table should have them even people my grandparents age.

For my food I ordered the beef short ribs and a portion of chips, which arrived surprisingly quick and looked as good as advertised. The meat was tender and succulent, it gently peeled away from the bones but if it only just had a bit more flavour. I found it slightly bland but it was enjoyable. The chips were just perfect, crispy on the outside and also well done on the interior. Add ketchup, pepper and salt and you’re instantly in heaven.

After the main course, desssert was necessary and going with theme of the evening I drank my dessert. Another double jägermeister and sprite to top off my evening. It was still as good as the first.

The experience was rather enjoyable and for a new place they might have a future. I heard happy hours were coming soon. I definitely wouldn’t mind going back there 6.5/10


•The service and the ambiance gave thee whole place a lift. The guys definitely seemed like they knew where Brazil was on the world map.

Mood killer;

•The music! The music! The music! I don’t know what sound their going for but my bathroom singing would’ve been better entertainment 

For more information about Chop Chop Brazillian steakhouse and grill you can find them on their Instagram and Facebook

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One thought on “Restaurant Review #1

  1. Thank you for the honest review☺️..We will take your notes into consideration and hopefully next time you visit we will earn your 10/10..😉


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