Farewell To A Man Marked In Food History

All through time and history they have been many great men and women. There has been so much great things done that arguments about who’s greater than the other will rage on for millennia to come. Be it your Da Vinci’s, Einstein’s, Van Gogh’s, so many have had the word genius branded against their names. But there is this unsung hero who could simply be the greatest of them all. Because as they say “You are what you eat,” so this man has played a great part in making us.

Sam Panopoulos. I know many of you will read the name and not recognize it and that’s such a shame. It saddens my heart. He should be a household a name. The Ronaldo, Jordan, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams freaking Micheal Phelps of his craft. Sam Panopoulos is the man who in my eyes made the greatest discovery or invention since time began. Hawaiian Pizza. You can not deny the greatness that went into it. If you do then there’s something seriously wrong with you and I have no idea why you’re even reading this.

I mean just imagine tasting the soft crust, the succulent tomato paste, the delicious mozzarella and thinking I know what this needs and that’s bacon/ham and pineapple. Such abstract flavours. Things not even in the same family. Then not only putting them together but deciding to make the pineapple suffer the greatest indignity of any fruit… being grilled in a hot oven instead of being eaten fresh. The chefs around should have looked at him and said “You’ve lost it man.”

Yet upon completion, everything came together to give you heaven within the confines of your mouth. A burst of flavour, the love making of the taste buds, pure ecstasy. A recipe so great that even the non pork eating population thought to themselves “We need some of that!” So then halal bacon was born MACON. Even though it was made from beef it still delivered the same ecstasy from flavour non the less.

When Sam spoke about how Hawaiian pizza came to be he simply said we were young and in business so we decided to have some fun. Reading this I couldn’t believe my parents told me never to play with my food, I could have invented a new pizza by now. Argh, I’m shaking my head very hard in this moment. Take me back to the 20th century, you can keep social media I’d rather have some fun with my food but then again I wouldn’t be able to blog this. But I think all sensible people can agree nothing belongs on pizza more than pineapples.

So on 8 June 2017 at 83 years old (A long and full life clearly because of all that Hawaiian pizza) we lost a hero, a genius, a creator, a man to be remembered. Because I don’t know where we would be without Hawaiian pizza. So I take this moment to bid farewell to the man and praise the legacy he’s left behind. The pizza. Ladies and gentlemen a toast to Hawaiian and the man.


Image source: Google images

Foodies263 All Copyrights Reserved.


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