Perfect Sunday Meal

How to have the: Perfect Sunday Meal

Step 1: Skip church. This is nothing against religion or church but I’m just really lazy when the weekend hits. I always wake up with the intention of going all the way to that morning service but then I just bath, read a bible verse to ease my conscience then go back to sleep. But to really have the perfect menu you’ve got start cooking in the morning.

Step 2: Make sure the person cooking is not hungover. Which entails going back to the previous day, so Saturday make sure the person cooking on Sunday doesn’t drink too much.


Step 4: Google a recipe, go for the complicated ones because you didn’t skip church for simple.

Step 5: Proceed to go to the store and buy make do ingredients because the internet gives you things impossible to find.

Step 6: Cook

Step 7: Eat with the tv on because life is too short.

Now with that said and done here’s how my Sunday turned out.  

Pork chops buried in pineapple & apple salsa with a side of cheese and bacon fries. It tastes better than it looks, I’m not really one for aesthetics with my food unless I’m paying someone to cook it.


Salt, Barbeque sauce, garlic, pepper, steak & chops spice, onion when preferred. Then seal the chops in resealable bags and refrigerator for the 3 hours before cooking. In the oven or on an open flame, personality I prefer the open flame as long as I’m not the one having to light it up.

Pineapple and Apple salsa or something along those lines (I don’t think mexicans would be proud of it but it was pretty good)

Apples, pineapples, green pepper, red pepper, jalapeño (I just used the chillies I could find), 1 shallot, zest and lime juice.

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