We Hit Up Slice Delivery Harare For An Order From Chicken Slice And Pizza Slice And Here Are A Few Thoughts

The Slice range of Fastfood outlets have been there for some time and have now firmly established themselves as one of the to go places for a quick bite.

On our first try the call went through and we were greeted by a courteous operator. We made our order for 2 by 2 Slicers from Chicken Slice and a medium pizza from Pizza Slice. They stated their delivery time as 45 minutes and they were accepting of different payment systems. We settled on Ecocash as they did not have change for USD cash. Understandable as change is currently harder to find than a truthful politician. The call for our order ended at 14:41 and by 14:50 we had facilitated the Ecocash payment.

The delivery finally arrived at 16:08 and whether their 45 minute delivery time begins when you make the order or when you pay, the delivery was late by their standards.

The chicken and fries arrived while still quite hot but the pizza was only warm and not quite up to the right temperature. We asked the delivery guy if he had had trouble finding us and he explained they have a system of delivery that sometimes makes them late. Anyways we dived into our meal.

Fries overall rating: 4/5

Texture: 5/5

They were not fried to a crispy texture but just done right, offering a soft bite which is exactly how I like my fries. Well done but not overcooked. Gentle on the most sensitive of palates.

Flavour: 4/5

Chicken slice have a great tasting spice they add to their fries and you barely need to add anything to enjoy them. They only need to be a little generous with it and they’ll be perfect in terms of flavour.

Quantity: 3/5

Before you’re satisfied the fries are all gone. There’s just too much damn space in the box it’s criminal. We need more. We need more. Please.

Chicken overall rating: 3.3/5

Skin: 3/5

Chicken slice makes their chicken with a rather soft skin and it misses out on that great taste of a crispy outer layer. They’re those who prefer their chicken that way but it’s not quite for me.

Texture: 4/5

Biting into the chicken exposes its tenderness and succulent nature. It’s far from being dry, making it easy to swallow and it just misses out on a few minor things. I can’t exactly point it out but my palate says there’s just that thing that’s not there.

Flavour: 3/5

The outer parts of the chicken are quite flavourful but the flavour doesn’t quite seep in to the centre of the meat and it could do great with a pairing of a dip. Some sweet and sour sauce on the side or injecting their marinade directly into the kitchen. It could both work out.

Pizza overall rating: 3.75/5

Tomato paste: 4/5

The consistency of the paste is just right, you don’t bump into any unblended tomato chunks and the flavours are wonderful. It is enough for the paste to be noticed but not so much that it overpowers all the other flavours the pizza is supposed to have.

Cheese: 3/5

The mozzarella tastes well and fine but there’s just not enough of it to balance off well with the paste. It’s a rather thin layer of cheese to just cover up the surface. The simple solution is more.

Toppings: 5/5

The pineapples are delicious and the bacon was just perfect, they knocked it out of the park. Their texture and level of succulence allows you to thoroughly enjoy each bite. After all it’s not a hawaiian pizza without the pineapples and bacon.

Base: 3/5

The base was slightly thinner than I would like it but maybe I’m just a big deep dish pizza fan and also the base had a bit of an after taste it left on the tongue. Almost like how bread with too much yeast rubs your tongue off the wrong way.

Note: I would love to redo a review with the pizza at the right temperature.

Foodies 263 outlet rating: 7/10

What has been your experience with Slice outlets? Let us know what you think of this review.

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